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A wide range of bodywork to help you shift emotions and return back to yourself

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Temple Style & Heartworks (Lymphatic)

Hawaiian massage is a flowing healing massage from the healers of Hawaii. It is based on Huna Wisdom which is an ancient knowledge enabling a person to connect to Source and the highest wisdom within.

Using hands and forearms in long fluid strokes up and down the whole body simultaneously, rather than separating body parts, like the waves of an ocean to wash away burdens, conditioning and protective mechanisms to uncover the shining light that you originally are. The energising and soothing effects of these movements are combined with a deep releasing breath, intention setting and prayer.

Lomilomi = "To remove what does not belong"

- Abraham Kawaii

Lomilomi Temple Style - An ocean like, trance inducing bodywork session, connecting to the nurturing energy of the Divine Mother. With its gentle and powerful strokes, it will release the tension and stress from your body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Lomilomi Heartworks - Lymphatic Massage. A deep, fast paced, flowing massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and works on clearing the spinal column for a free flow of energy. 

1 hour - £75
1½ hours  - £120
2 hours - £150

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage is a specially adapted massage for mums, so you and baby can feel the most comfortable.

Beginning with relaxing breathing and connecting to your baby, I will listen to your particular concerns regarding any tension or pain, then working with massage, soft lighting, relaxing sounds and comfy pillows, help to alleviate any discomforts and promote deep relaxation.

The back massage can be seated, leaning on a couch with lots of pillows, and led on the couch in an a semi reclined position for the rest of your body.


I am able to do pregnancy massage after your first trimester.

1 hour - £75
1½ hours  - £100
2 hours - £133

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Intuitive Massage

Entering in to a deep theta state you will feel peaceful and transcendent, whilst I use a variety of techniques from different lineages of massage, intuitively feeling where you are holding stress and tension in your body. With energy healing and intention, help to dissolve blockages and restore balance on all levels of your being.

An amazing session for when you want to let your mind float away, or are feeling ungrounded, tightly wound or going through emotional challenges.

1 hour - £75
1½ hours  - £120
2 hours - £150

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Hot Stone Massage

Experience this luxurious, relaxing and smooth massage using soothing oils and warm volcanic basalt stones to melt away your muscle tension, feeling like you are floating on a cloud. 

The heat from the stones will deeply relax your muscles enhancing blood flow, and promoting a profound sense of tranquility in both body and mind.

Hot stones can also be combined with deep tissue to specifically target chronic tension and pains.

1 hour - £75
1½ hours  - £120
2 hours - £150

Head Massage

Couples or Friends Massage

Couples/Friends Massage - 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours, or 2 hours

Receive blissful bodywork with a massage for you and your beloved. This is a holistic full body massage for two, in the same room as each other with myself and another massage therapist, held with intention of celebrating your bond. Optional invocation and blessing of Goddess.






Deluxe Couples/Friends Pampering - 2 hours

The beautiful couple or friendship package is a divine treat that includes a warming footbath, an aromatherapy full body massage, reiki energy healing and crystal sound bowls. After you will be invited to sit peacefully with tea, fruit and chocolate in one of the beautiful rooms at The Goddess House. A truly soul and heart warming experience to share together.

2 hours - £235

1 hour - £120
1½ hours  - £180
2 hours - £240

Head Massage
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Swedish Massage

Using rhythmic massage techniques, long strokes, kneading, cupping and chopping, to work on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, helping you unwind and aiding the body in the natural healing process by increasing blood flow to muscles.

30 minutes - £45
1 hour - £65
1½ hours  - £90

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