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Back Massage


Yin Yoga was the most incredible emotional release, although I am sure that is also a lot to do with how safe Ellise made me. I then had a massage where Ellise worked absolute magic on my neck and back. What an amazing human. I will definitely be back for more yin yoga and massage.

Sally Soper

One of the BEST massages I've ever experienced ! Ellise is so nice and friendly and her energy is amazing! When I'm back in Glastonbury, I definitely come back!

Florence Demary

Dunya Lamhrari

My most recent massage with Ellise was the best massage I've had. A 2 hour lomilomi massage felt like having weeks of therapy in one session. Ellise held the space so well, I felt incredibly connected to her throughout and she was fully present throughout, which made me feel even more safe and able to release.

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